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Sarukhan + Associates is a boutique strategic consulting and public affairs firm based in Washington, D.C.  It was founded in 2014 by Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan, former Ambassador of Mexico to the U.S. (2007-2013) and a foreign service diplomat and government official for more than 20 years.  Ambassador Sarukhan's diverse, high-level career encompasses the governmental, diplomatic, and national security fields.  This experience gives him a keen understanding of the intersections among policy analysis, planning, and policy implementation and decision-making.

Sarukhan + Associates provides superior, comprehensive counsel to clients concerning government relations, public affairs strategies, issue management, political risk analysis, due diligence, regulatory compliance, and strategic communications and advocacy.  We bring insight, expertise, and solutions to the issues that make or break expansion and investment abroad.  By skillfully integrating trade, economics, politics, and public and foreign policies, we provide the type of advice clients need to be successful.  Our main focus is the Americas and the Spanish-speaking world.

We also have deep relationships with other like-minded firms and partners throughout the Western Hemisphere, adding another dimension to the resources we can call upon.  Our approach is interactive.  We do not produce generic white papers or craft strategies for others to execute.  Rather, we work closely with each client to understand its business goals as well as its unique needs, corporate culture, and structure.  Under the client's guidance and instruction, we then work collaboratively to analyze the opportunity or challenge, assess the tools available to the client, and develop and implement the strategy.  We ensure that our partnership is both effective and efficient, and that each client receives the tailor-made, consistent, high-level expertise and attention it deserves and requires. Sarukhan + Associates provides consulting services to corporations, multilateral economic organizations, foundations, sports teams, and local and state governments from the Americas and Europe.

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